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Monday, September 19, 2005


Sprol.com” might not always be an uplifting blog. It may not be the right resource to utilize in finding your next vacation spot because one of its main characteristics is that it shows and tells about some of the worst places in the world. They collect and display specific places with satellite imagery, text, articles and additional imagery to show all the types of effects society and nature are having on these surroundings. They do have an excellent concept for a public service that could be a very valuable resource and database. It may seem morbid in a sense, however, it is really rather captivating and could easily be utilized for educational and historical purposes. There are plenty of subjects and lists of places in the pull down menus to assist in finding subject matter. There is a global navigation map for searching. I give 8 stars. There appears to be a call for efforts to build this collection even larger with assistance from visitors and contributors. Currently I found the user interface a bit cumbersome and awkward navigating for specific information.

8 stars

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