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Monday, September 12, 2005

Katrina News Bits

Americans help Katrina evacuees
Competing Narratives Emerge
Red Cross seeks 40,000 more volunteers
Hopelessness Begins to Lift in New Orleans
Volunteers find helping Katrina victims reaffirms their faith
The price to be paid for Katrina
First Katrina recovery contracts go to Bush friends
Katrina, Energy Prices Threaten Rebound in Global Manufacturing
Wardriving occupied New Orleans on 9/11.
The Steady Buildup to a City's Chaos
Plenty of blame to go around in Katrina's wake
Sorry Mr President, Katrina is not 9/11
Swiss Re Says Katrina Claims May Reach $1.2 Billion
Katrina insurance cost may reach $US60b
Katrina exposes oil industry problems
Post-Katrina Mortgage Calculations
Blogs track Katrina survivors
Boing Boing Continues Its Excellent Katrina Blogging
Buffalo Area Technology Coalition to Aid In Katrina Relief Effort
Hurricane Katrina Library Update: September 10
How Bush Blew It
AP executive editor praises Katrina coverage
ASU seeks sponsors to increase Katrina relief fundraising
Katrina: A Defining Moment for Blogs
Katrina leaves La. budget in worser shape
Katrina death toll rises to over 400
New Orleans Seeks Dead Bodies
Bush pleads for 'spirit of 9/11'
Britney Spears Katrina relief: filming her birth?
Mercenaries guard homes of the rich in New Orleans

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