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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Blogging News Bytes

Blogs shortlisted for AOP awards for the first time
How Microsoft influences blogosphere
Regulating the blogosphere?
6% of US Internet users read blogs, 2% use RSS
Who's There? the new ebook (free for now)
When fake blogs attack
The Carpetbagger Report
Book blogs' buzz grows louder
Get your hot blogs
Blogger Favors Freedom First
European Parliament organises debates on blogs and e-participation
Blogger sued over comments on site
Bloggers Rising: Shamans or Shams?
Bad news blogs?
As blogging grows, companies eye legal pitfalls
This blogger dug his political grave
Microsoft blogger draws fire for criticising Massachusetts OpenDoc policy
Yahoo Spain Sues Blogging Network Over Content
Dummies Learning To Blog
Vonage: we have one million lines; bloggers: so?
Health Columnist Dismisses Weight Loss Bloggers As Mere 'Amateurs'
BloginSpace.com Features Bloggers "Most Likely To Be Contacted" by Aliens
Islamic bloggers hail 'Allah's soldier' Katrina
The Google of blogs
Blogs produced the most vivid Katrina reports

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