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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Blogging Bits & Bytes

This is real nice idea to browse news from different perspectives all in one place at the Balanced News Blog.

Lot’s of great writing resources, ideas and enthusiasm at the Wild Mind.

There is more then one side to the blogger flag topic simmering for sure: Censorship by Blogger, Blog spammers rally, Blogger "Do Gooders" Organize a Trash Pickup Day..., Flag day, Blogger Buzz: Flag Day!, Kill your competition and I’m sure there are more opinions on this one. Do you have any or have you seen other posts on this subject?

A couple Doctor Who blogs and bloggings for any fans: Doctor Who: Survival - A quest to watch all 722 episodes in under 4 months, A Stitch in Haste , Doctor Who Blog , Scary Rob's Doctor Who Blog and The Original Dr Who Time Ring.

Here is a link to an audio file of the Barbara Bush quote. Then there is the About.com listing of Stupid Quotes About Hurricane Katrina.

Do you need a location to store media files maybe Putfile is what you are looking for.

So what are some of the WSJ opinions on blogs.

Clusty is an interesting search approach and it does have its own blog search section.

How about taking a browse to the Gadgetizer.com to find out one way to save gas and the title says the rest. They are part of a larger network of blogs called BlogLogic.net.

Some non-blog specific diversions: Here is a place to get your own Google Logo made up and ready to show. Are you trying to find out more about someone? ZabaSearch is trying to make that easier for you.

Oh yeah forgot to add this one: Google Earth if you haven't already tried it you need to check this program out it's great and fun to use.

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