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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Katrina News Bits

Katrina Flood News Website Launched KatrinaFloodNews.com
Oil Falls a Third Day on Concern Katrina May Slow U.S. Economy - so why are the gas prices still way up?
U.S. Officials: More Medical Aid Reaching Katrina's Victims
Nickelodeon Presents: Do Something! Caring for the Kids of Katrina on Sunday, September 11, 8:30 p.m. ET/PT
The Deadly Bigotry of Low Expectations?
Think Progress: KATRINA TIMELINE – Nicely put together timeline with contributing links.
For forecasting chief, no joy in being right
FEMA packed with W's pals
George Bush, David Caruso, and Katrina: Why Now Is Precisely the Time for Finger-Pointing –Very good points.
GOP leaders agree to joint Katrina hearings
Don't blame only feds – I’m sorry this is just sick and sad to say – I do agree the racism was mostly nonsense, wrong and malicious. However, many sides are doing here what they did before this catastrophe. Harsh malicious rhetoric to rally peoples anger, to start a storm that people take sides and create an environment that the people forget what the real problems were. Those problems are own lifestyles and ways of thinking, government procedures, and politicians! There is no specific easy fall person or group here. It’s a big mess that is going to take a major work to fix New Orleans and fix our government that has lost perspective long ago. This article was no more then some good strong facts mixed it with some retaliatory malicious information and propaganda. Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and independents all failed. We failed and all we can do at this point is move on to the present and the future and try to make things better.
Most Americans believe New Orleans will never recover – I’m not one of these. I think New Orleans will and even become a greater city then it already was!
Voters will remember disaster response – Will they 3 years from now or even 1 year from now? I question that they will but hope they do this time. If we look at history all of these politicians are career politicians and if people wanted things to change then they would not have so many career politicians. Besides, they always blame the other guy that isn’t in their voting authority, funny how that works out.
Fears that alligators will start eating dead bodies
Barbara Bush Calls Evacuees Better Off
New Orleans' Holdouts Coaxed From Homes
Valley families get good news
Talk hosts urged to emphasize stories in Katrina news
Katrina takes emotional toll on exhausted police
About 825,000 still without power after Katrina
Katrina will cost 400,000 jobs; $53B more aid readied
Moskow says Fed faces "judgment calls" on Katrina

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