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Monday, May 30, 2005

BlogCruiser Blog Bits&Bytes

Here is a “blog of the day” blog that has a few years of archives to browse. I like searching the older archives and seeing what has progressed, moved or been lost.

One for shopper’s that are looking for uniquely designed carrying bags, purses, diaper bags, handbags along with many other types of bags, “The Purse Blog”.

This blogger keeps an eye on those unique ebay items for you; check out the “bayraider” for all types of ebay auction items from cool and neat to silly and fun.

How about stopping by and getting involved in establishing this new ezine start-up “Bloggers Weekly”.

Do you enjoy board games? Then you might want to stop by the “BoardGameGeek” with an immense amount of board game information.

Here is another type link swapper and traffic generator: “blogLinker.com”.

Want to learn some more marketing, advertising and editing visit the “Branding Blog”.

Need a place online to store your blog bookmarks and see other peoples choices check out “BlogMarks”. It has a nice interface and tool but it seemed a bit slow at times when I was there.

Lot’s of questions answered here for anyone wanting to know more about RSS, “RSS Newsniche”.

Do you like those blinkies that drive my eye's crazy? You might want to check out the “Blinkie_Gallery” and pick up a few more.

Game•Blogs” is a community discussing games and games research.

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