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Sunday, May 29, 2005


BlogRatingz” is a new site that is part of the "Ratingz Network" with the intent to give consumers a location to find out what others think and feel about individual blogs. Here is an excerpt from their about section: “The free website lets users anonymously rate Blogs in several categories, including quality of writing, frequency and timeliness, accuracy and entertainment value. Users can also post comments, and see the public comments posted by others.”

The design and site are professional looking. It has potential of becoming a useful tool and fun site to visit. There is a large group of categories to add and browse blogs. It was easy to sign-up. Once signed up you can add your own comments and ratings to blogs. There were less then a 100 ratings there during my visit; it will be interesting to see what develops. I give 8.5 stars. It’s free to sign up and you can submit your own blogs and others. I placed BlogCruiser in the internet category and it was added immediately.

8.5 stars

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