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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Blogging News Bytes, Bits and few links for Memorial Day:

CNN.com Specials
My Father's America
Memorial Day History
Memorial Day Flash Movie
If I fall .....by Cliff Soon
World Trade Center Tribute
Memorial Day
“Rolling Thunder” Honors American War Veterans
US soldier's grieving mother rejected for not being American
Corporate blogging exists in 4% of major US corporations
Journalists must stop being in denial: bloggers are here to stay
Why should I bother blogging?
Golden rules for blogging clever
Every Day Memorial Day
Arlington National Cemetery Website
Memorial Day Project
The Memorial Day Foundation
Department of Veterans Affairs
Bloggers Say the Darnedest Things
Memorial Day
Global bloggers fast in Iran protest
BlogRatingz.com lets the Readers Rate the Bloggers
Is the web too large for you?
Parents agog over kids' diary blogs
TMV Joins Friday Cat Blogging Mania!
Art, blogs bare souls of yet another fighting generation
The battle for the blogosphere
Blogcasting - Layering the Long Tail?
WSAW Launches "Blog Center"

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At 30 May, 2005, Blogger ~Stephanie~ said...

This is a really cool blog..I had to check you out when I saw you on mine...Thanks for stopping by..


Happy Memorial Day!!


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