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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

BlogCruising Bits

Over at Nomen Est Omen I found a few interesting posts and links. This blogger pointed out a fun music video by some Norwegian Soldiers in Kosovo . Daypainter mentions Bids-4-Kids an Art Auction to benefit sick children that she will be donating a painting. She is encouraging others to get involved. BlogXchange.us has done a group of remodeling. Kay’s Bargains is still accepting entries for the Blogette Award with a nice cash prize! The Contagious Media Showdown is still live with stats. The current Showcase is over at Steal the Bandwagon which they are always on the lookout for those new blogs and hosts. BlogExplosion has added the Blog Rocket with lots of credits to win. The Blog of the Day is consistently continuing to post some wonderful blogs to visit. Blogger Blog presents some ideas for blogger improvements after they stabilize the current platform. Here is a good trick to get rid of parasites with a hosts file . How about just some diversions over at PreSurfer.

Added Item: I had to add a few Star Wars links Store Wars * Star Wars Spoofs * ifilm * M&M's * Atom Films

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At 24 May, 2005, Anonymous Michelle said...

I love the BlogExplosion rocket.

If you're looking for more Star Wars fan films/spoofs, I put up some at my site. :)


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