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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Global Voices Online

Global Voices Online” is a blog with a very inspiring set of goals to create better cultural communications and awareness world wide utilizing volunteers, technology, bridge blogs, aggregators, translators and any other useful resources. One of the goals is to create a greater understanding of the world around us through private citizen publishing. The ideas they are attempting to set in progress could create alternate media outlets that are not in competition with older media but actually contributing to building a wider perspective, more powerful, and trusted media, IMHO. Two posts at this blog can really inform you much better on this project then I can: “Global Voices Brainstorm” and “Global Voices Manifesto”. The blog is an expanding community attempting to assist the world community at improving and reducing cultural divides. Also, this group is trying an endeavor to enlighten and empower more people with superior quality information. I give 9.5 stars. I think this project has a lot of potential.

9.5 stars

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