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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sorry for the mess

Sorry for the mess tinkering with CSS... :(

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At 03 April, 2005, Anonymous colleen said...

Hi Russ, I'm not sure what the CSS reference is about...but I did go to you "not blogging anymore/April Fools joke" and got fooled. I love the idea of a blog that reports on blogging and other blogs. I'll come back when i can spend more time. I've been writing about blogging...why do it etc... "Speaking Bloggish" and "The Blog Keeper is in" on my site...you might find it interesting.

At 03 April, 2005, Anonymous BlogCruiser said...

Thanks, I will take go and take a look.

I was messing with some of my blog code today. I added this post while I was testing because the blog was coming up very strange a few times when I was tweaking things:)

At 03 April, 2005, Blogger Dawn said...

I am here via Michele....

You got me with your April fool's day post. I like how I can change your background colors....very cool.


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