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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Razzi's Photolog

Razzi's Photolog” is a wonderfully presented photoblog using some unique technology and multimedia. The Flash utilization and thought out graphical interface makes it a very pleasant experience. When first entering and starting this blog it takes a few seconds to load with a high-speed connection. However, once the blog loaded for the first time it cruised along rather quickly. I don’t know how fast this blog will initially load with a slow connection. A real easy to follow menu system is listed at the top of the pages. There is a small navigation tool near the bottom that assists browsing the many images available. You can look through the imagery in a daily, expo or through thumbnail displays. Caption information doesn’t interfere with the presentation of the image but is easily accessible by clicking a small arrow at the bottom right corner of each picture. A touch of sound adds an additional variety to the entire experience. I give 9.5 stars. Well worth a visit to catch some appealing imagery and view this skilled production.

9.5 stars

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