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Sunday, April 03, 2005


Techdirt” is a company blog that has been around for quite a few years providing insights to all types of technical news. They post on many varied areas about technology from rumors, conspiracy, wireless, bleeding edge and much more. There is plenty of news and dirt to find out about at this blog. Some of the recent post titles include "The Skype Economy", "Security Starts At Home", "Photo Printing Industry Pines For Fading Pictures" and "Google Expanding Gmail Storage: Wants To Make It Virtually Limitless". They approach many of the stories, articles and posts from diverse perspectives such as in “Dumb Asses Allowed Online”. The blog isn’t fancy in design like their Techdirt Corporate Intelligence website. However, it is very straight forward and quick loading mostly text based blog that is in an easy to read format. The archive section called “older stuff” is setup with drop-down menu category system and a built in search. I give 8.5 stars. I like their feature with category button links that go into each post.

8.5 stars

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At 03 April, 2005, Anonymous colleen said...

I'm low tech myself. I'm enjoying looking around...lots of good stuff and resources. It was "The Blog Files" I meant to direct you to and "Speaking Bloggish."

At 06 April, 2005, Anonymous kate said...

I've been reading tech-dirt for a while now. It's a great site.


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