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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

King of Fools

King of Fools” has a large collection of opinions on news and current events. There are rants, raves and pointers about a variety of subjects such as smoking, medical, legal, litter, movies, blogexplosion, blogging, ebay, and whole lot more! You can become a member of this blog by registering. The category titles have some unique names that may not clue you into getting some where quickly but they can make you curious as to what is behind the category curtain. There is a distinctive and concise writing style that can keep you interested in what this blogger has to say. The layout is very easy to read with this 3 column format. A large assortment of material is presented in a small space quite effectively. Every Wednesday you get a list of blog carnivals events to check out called the Carnival of Carnivals. I give 8.5 stars. There is plenty to read and enjoy at this blog with almost 2000 entries and 1000s of additional comments. Sidebars are filled with archives, blogroll, member list, tools, statistics, links, current reading, recent reads, polls and watcher council members.

8.5 stars

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