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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Committee to Protect Bloggers

Committee to Protect Bloggers” has received a good amount of media and blog attention for the few months it has existed. It’s a blog about different issues that may be affecting bloggers around the world. There are short lists of bloggers that have been arrested, threatened and freed. Postings of censored bloggers, detained bloggers, news and media events involving possible injustices to bloggers can be found at this blog. They are attempting to have bloggers make a difference by promoting events such "FREE MOJTABA AND ARASH DAY" that was held on Tuesday, February 22. It’s a blog worth stopping in on now and then, if only to see what might be happening to a blogging neighbor. They are looking for donations and consider the whole blogging community members from any where in the world! They appear very motivated to create a active global community. There are CPB blogs in at least two other countries and languages and something tells me they wouldn’t mind seeing one in every country and language to assist in their global growth. I’m sure if anyone is interested in getting involved all they have to do is inquire. I give 7.5 stars. The list of associates continues to grow and they have some interesting news and ideas worth reading.

7.5 stars

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