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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Memes List - I Am Pariah

The Memes List - I Am Pariah” has a good list of popular memes posted. You can get to the memes list by scrolling down and using the sidebar or popup blogroll links. It’s part of a larger website and blog. There are other sections of the site/blog that explain some spam pointers, cool blog tools and many other things. I wouldn’t call it the most comprehensive list of memes in the world (any more anyway) but there are some good memes listed. This blogger has been around for a while and has quite an impressive resume of talents, experience and accomplishments listed in the about section. There is plenty of background and blogging information to be found among the rambling and rants. He shares a plethora of excellent information at both his site and blog about everything from his life happenings, design, technology, arts and more. He has an engrossing writing approach that keeps you reading. I give it 8 stars. It’s a little strong on the ego but this may be good style for his business. He does have some big name portfolio layouts posted like Playboy Enterprises and Upscale Magazine. If you don’t tell others you’re good who will?

8 stars

I'm placing both links to the Memes List here because when I go to the: http://www.memeslist.com/ it seems to redirect you here anyway: http://iampariah.com/memeslist/ but on the site you are asked to link to the first link.

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