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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Wacky Stuff

Wacky Stuff” uncovers all types of strange and crazy news and images. Do you want to know what country is holding the weatherman accountable for the weather? Take a look at the street lights you could look at for a long time and probably not figure out when to stop or go. How much did someone pay for the world’s most expensive tea bag? Also, available is a quotes of the day, interesting facts of the day and this day in history. A couple months of archives are available. If you just want to read some crazy, wacky or weird news these categories are available among a fairly large category listing. I give 8 stars. This blogger is using typepad.com blog with an easy to read format. There is plenty of that useless knowledge information that you can shake your head at, giggle and sometimes even cringe.

8 stars

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