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Monday, March 14, 2005


"Findory" is a service and set of tools provided for tracking and assembling personalized news information. There are a few features offered in addition to searching through news in blogs and on the web. One useful feature is called "Inline Findory"; these are small JavaScripts allowing you to add some personalized dynamic news content to your own blog or website. Another feature is a way to set up your personal Findory that keeps a history of searches and what you have read. Only a few options make it rather simple to use. I think the concept is to make "My Findory" easy for the user and a self learning system. This way as the system learns the news you're trying to find via your searching, reading and history it will provide you with more customized news that fits your personal taste during each new visit. It's a free service providing some helpful tools. I give 8 stars. It is a very fascinating concept and no-nonsense service being provided.

8 stars

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