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Monday, March 14, 2005

Blog Connection

Blog Connection” is a small web portal of anything and everything about blogs. It has a very clean and readable design. There are plenty of links with short descriptions to some useful blog sites, tools and facts under the different categories. The categories are Blog Definition, Blog FAQs, Blog Articles, Blog Software, Submit Blogs, Free Online Blogs, Blog Templates, Blog Directories, Blog Sites, Blog Search Engines, RSS Feeds for Blogs, Blog Hosting, Blog Forum(s), Blog Ads, Photo Blogs, Mobile Blogs and Blog Books. This page is actually a derivative website from a service company called NotePage that provides an assortment of communication and technology consultations and solutions. I give 7.5 stars. The site is very professional and business oriented. The entire site is very well done with a group of good blogging links and information. However, it seems almost too pure and maybe lacking some of the companies own personality and character (This last sentence is very subjective and a personal take; many people might consider this style and design to be very professional.).

7.5 stars

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