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Sunday, March 06, 2005

MP3Blogs Aggregator

MP3Blogs Aggregator” is a compiler of MP3 blogs and RSS feeds that are updated every hour according to their “What is this” section. You find all types of MP3’s from original artists, rehashed, audio files, chats, reviews, promos and even conversations. Lot’s of blogs with plenty of MP3’s and plenty of music, musicians and more. A large list of featured blogs is in the left sidebar. If you have a music blog with MP3’s you can request to be added as a feature blog. It’s a good service provided for finding different music and audio blogs out in the blogosphere. I give 8 stars. There are no fancy graphics or design just straight forward feeds and links.

8 stars

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At 18 March, 2005, Blogger Lucas Brachish said...

I hadn't heard of the Mp3 Blog Aggregator -- what a great find! Thank you. I'll add it to my growing list at Cheap Music for the Masses


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