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Sunday, March 06, 2005


This is far from completely original and just for a fun post idea. I’m not going to try and make it complicated. Many people have heard of GoogleWhacking and my idea is to get anyone that visits to try a Technoratiwhacking. Use the same rules pretty much as you find at Googlewhacking. The only difference is post the two words here in the comment section of this post and how many results you get. Of course coming up with 1 result is the best. It should be a lot easier then Googlewhacking. So give it a try if you have a couple minutes, maybe you will find and interesting blog or two. :) Remember two words and no quotes. You can find the Googlewhacking rules here and pretty much go by those. Then use Technorati for whacking.

My Result(example):
casket goldenrod = 4 posts
oratory burlap = 5 posts

Good Luck...

If you need some word ideas here is a great site to get you thinking of different words:
The Phrontistery

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