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Monday, March 14, 2005

Thrashing Through Cyberspace

Looks like bloggers had an impact on this one with this added note : AOL clarifies IM privacy guarantee

How many of you really read all those terms of service and privacy policies?

If we all read most of them there would probably be more questions. Especially, when someone realized what is actually being stated in those 100 page (not all), fine print and legal speak “Terms Of Service”.

Take a peek at the conversation about AIM over at this blog. I found it quite interesting.

Thrashing Through Cyberspace

added note:
Ok, one of the many blogs and locations discussing this TOS by AOL. There are some amazing TOS statements out there for a lot of products owned by small, big and every company size inbetween. It doesn't seem to make a difference who is selling the product or service on how strange, scary or even funny the TOS might be.

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