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Monday, March 14, 2005

blogging! magazine Scam or Not?

blogging! magazine Scam or Not?

NOTE: This is not an accusation that “blogging! magazine is a scam or fraud. I’ve just had a few people ask and I don’t know the answer. So, I figured I would ask anyone that does have this information out here in the blogosphere to share it and I posted some of what I could find.

I have not anything specific about “blogging! magazine” listed at any of these sites:




Here are some links I found that say this may have been a failed launch attempt or scam all the way back in 2003.

“Google turned up any discussion of it, to my surprise the first mention of not receiving it was from September 2003. I wonder if the scam will make a third appearance in another year and a half.”


“Ray Angel has offered free one-year subscriptions to the first five people who read this offer in my blog and send me an e mail requesting the offer.”


Here is the site itself in 2005 which has some of same names as the 2003 contacts.

Contact Page List:
Sales - sales@orbisterra.com
Press - stephanie_lock@orbisterra.com
Support - support@orbisterra.com
Submissions - raymond_angel@orbisterra.com


blogging! magazine

I don’t know if the folks involved failed in the past and are trying again, or whether this is legit or not. Anyone that has better sources of the truth to this mystery please feel free to share that information with me and other readers here. I have a few people that I know who are interested. THANKS…

I will send this post to the source contact at “blogging! Magazine” and ask for their reply. I don’t want to start any rumors that are not true. I’m just looking for the truth behind the possible online magazine or not….and what better source then the operators to answer. Of course any one else with good honest information please feel free to post too!

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At 15 March, 2005, Anonymous Jim Turner said...

Contact me at OneByOnemedia@gmail.com and I'll provide you as much information as I have, including a link to get the magazine (March Issue).

Jim Turner


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