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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Digital Photography Blog

Digital Photography Blog” a blog with lot’s of news, reviews, and tips about digital cameras and digital photography. If you enjoy, want to learn more, or are deciding on equipment for digital photography this is a helpful blog with an abundance of resources. The blog is rather commercialized, formal and business oriented with numerous links to places you can buy different photo items and cameras. The advertising is appropriate to the material presented. The design is in the popular 3 column format. Navigation, links and ads are in both side columns and the main content runs down the middle. There are three main category buttons News, Reviews and Tips at the top of the blog for quick and easy navigation to the main content. Visitors can leave comments; there were a few comments I found but some of the areas were light on commenting. There are a couple of years of archives available. I give 8.5 stars.

8.5 stars

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