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Friday, February 04, 2005

The Blog of the Day

The Blog of the Day” submit your blog to this blogger and you could see it featured as the blog of the day. I spotted this blog a couple weeks ago and it was real short on blog entries. I assume mostly because the blog appeared to have just started. A couple of weeks have passed now and it looks like this blogger is sticking to adding a new blog almost every day. Quite a few daily pick websites have been around for years. Some of those websites developed quite nicely and have become pretty popular so let’s see how this particular blog specific BOTD does. The blog looks like a standard blogger template with its own domain name. The design is clean, simple and fast to view all the blogs posted. The comments are short but to the point. There are a few weeks of archives to browse through. I give 7 stars. So stop by and see what blog they picked to post today.

7 stars

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At 04 February, 2005, Blogger ~Dawn said...

I enjoy your spotlights- Keep up the good work.

At 05 February, 2005, Blogger Jon said...

News and politics from a green left perspective...
Check us out!

At 09 February, 2005, Blogger Kim said...

This is cool! What is your actual site addy so I can find you and stay updated? Please feel free to check out my blog, http://my10kidfamily.blogspot.com. I'm not exactly sure how you would classify it, but I appear under "humor", in my own mind. Thanks, and good luck!

At 11 February, 2005, Blogger Markkind said...

if you're still doing this, here's my entry


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