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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

eLawyer Blog

eLawyer Blog” is a nice initiative that has been going on for a while by this organization and set of commentators. In the mission statement it states, “This site has been established to promote the use of technology, especially the Internet, to improve the delivery of legal services to Americans of moderate to low income. We want to show lawyers how they can use technology to meet the needs of underserved markets--and make good money while doing so.”

There are many ideas presented at this law blog/blawg.; the content is geared towards lawyers and other legal professions but there are quite a few blog entries worth reading for people not involved in the legal profession. There are a lot of categories to select from. I’m including only a few of the categories that are more technical then law oriented in this list: “Digital Security”, “Technology Basics & Resources” and “Tools: Blogs”. A few post titles worth reading are “The Spyware Plague”, “Trusting Internet Research?”, “Blog Companies Merge” and “Five by Five: Five Technologies Lawyers Should Adopt”. Many of the ideas presented can be applied vertically to other professions and personal use. There are many other engrossing legal blogs and websites in the blogroll like Blawg for one example. I give 9 stars. This blog may not be for everyone, however, I found it constructive and thought provoking.

9 stars

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