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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Susie's Thoughts

Susie's Thoughts” is a life journal about this single mom’s thoughts and other varied topics. She has written about herself, her daughter, the internet, online dating and her soon to be American/Swedish-Finnish family, to mention only a few. The writing has a real honesty and robust character about it that draws me into reading more. The design of the blog is not complex but the simplest things can be powerful and every time I pass by this blog the design grabs my attention and makes me take a second look. A recent post links to a design blog she has put together. There are sections for her photography and painting that can be viewed. I really enjoyed a post back in January titled, “Don't try to debate with a geeky artist”, and for a third language she seems to express herself well in English. I give 8 stars. “Susie's Thoughts” is very enjoyable and appealing to read and view.

8 stars

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At 09 February, 2005, Blogger Atomic Bombshell said...

Susie is fabulous... I love her design blog.

At 10 February, 2005, Blogger Michael K. Willis said...

I quite enjoy her blog as well. Excellent, on-the-money review.

At 11 February, 2005, Blogger Linda said...

I link to both of Susie's blogs. I think she is GREAT!!


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