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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ready, Set, BLOG!

Ready, Set, BLOG!” a website to motivate, inform and educate the public about blogs and what they are all about. This site is a lot like an infomercial of bloggers giving answers about blogging and blogging services. They are trying to get people informed and interested about blogging; while also trying to get you involved in the blogging community at mindsay.com. MindSay does have high expectations with this venture to try and rival other blogging communities such as Google/Blogger, MSN Spaces, and Six Apart/LiveJournal’s. The “Ready, Set, BLOG!” site is ok but the product and service at MindSay itself are better then the infomercial, in my opinion. The community at MindSay does have a lot of character, blogs, services, options and information. MindSay has been around now for about 2 years and from the information I could find they currently host more than 50,000 blogs. They appear to have a great start. The service could be worth a try or at the very least a community to keep an eye on. I’ve decided to make this a two part review and give 7 stars to “Ready, Set, BLOG!” and 8.5 stars to MindSay.

7 stars Ready, Set, BLOG!
8.5 stars MindSay

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