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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


blog.gleeson.us” this blog is a family blog and I like the way they have it organized. It’s a blog that has two family member blogs combined along with their home school blog and categorized by subject areas with a simple drop down menu. You can surf, read and browse a particular family member’s portion of their own blog or read all the posts that are consolidated here at this blog. It is the family that blogs together and they have done a wonderful job with the design and content managing. There are plenty of subjects like humor, life, politics, religion, family, health, pictures, history, play and many others. They host a couple cute mini moonbats that you can add to your site if you want too. I’m giving it a shot down on the right column. I give them 8.5 stars. They won a category over in the 2004 weblog awards that they proudly display. It’s a fun, interesting and neat blog to go through.

8.5 stars

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