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Monday, January 24, 2005


Bloglines” is an outstanding online news feed service provided for free. You can read all your blog’s RSS, Atom and other type feeds right online. It’s a little cumbersome to learn at the start. However, it is well worth the effort in my opinion. Once you understand some of the features, it can be a very practical tool for organizing, reading and keeping up to date with many different blogs. A system like this can help organize and utilize the blogs you like to read more efficiently. Another advantage of using this service is the similarities with a web based email system; you can access it from any where with your personal login and a web-based browsing system. You don’t have to install any RSS reader programs on your own computer/device. I figure reading some blogs with your cell phone or PDA while waiting around for some type of appointment beats the old magazines that maybe or not be there. You can even share your subscriptions with others if you would like. There is plenty of information available in the help section when you have questions or just to get started. I rate it 9 stars.

9 stars

NOTE: I’ve only been testing out this service for a short time. So, I’m sure there are many others that have tried out or are using this service and may be able to add some quick tips, practical uses, ideas, or features for utilizing the services. Please feel free to share any good or bad experiences you may have had with this service or just what you think of it. Thanks in advance to any one that can contribute in the comments about this service.

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