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Saturday, January 22, 2005


Technorati” an excellent web search tool for web logs. I might say it compares to google but for searching blogs and the blogosphere; a fast, simple and quick search system to find what you want on blogs. They state they are currently tracking almost 5 million blogs. The folks over there have been doing an outstanding job for a while now and a lot of bloggers already know of this site and set of tools. I figure I would add it for those who may not have heard of the site before and for those that have anything they would like to add about Technorati. You can search for information, words and links to your own blog. You can register and keep watchlists, claim your own blogs, add your profile and grab the searchlet. I give the site 10 stars. This site is doing a wonderful job of gathering blog information and providing an easy to use search tool for the public to utilize. Don’t forget to take a peek at their top 100 blog list.

10 stars

A sample of the searchlet is in the right column/gutter of this blog...

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