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Monday, September 19, 2005

Comment Sp@^^^^ers

I don't know if, in any way, it is related but ever since the newer redesign of the blogger front page I seem to be getting more comment spam every time I post. It's probably just coincidence and some list or bot has obtained my url.

Arggg, I have enough to do with out deleting spam too. Well I know I'm not alone but the poor attempt at being sneaky about it is even more annoying. When they start out saying things like: You have a very nice blog blah, blah, blah about blogs and then say you need to come to my site and it is an ad only, really argggghhhh. Ok, my I've done my steaming now back to blogging and deleting spam. Hopefully, I don't delete any real posts by accident.

Here are a few links about blog spam and some that may assist with fighting spam:

Blog Comment Spam on the Rise
MT-Blacklist/Comment Spam Clearinghouse
Working Together Against Blog Spam
A Defense Against Comment Spam
State of the Blogosphere August 2005 Part 4: Spam and Fake Blogs
Blog Spam Is Relentless
Wiki Link spam
Bot Block BETA
The (Evil) Genius of Comment Spammers
Six Apart Guide to Comment Spam
Preventing Blog Spam In .Text
Preventing Blog Comment Spam

If anyone else knows of any good anti-spam activities or ideas please comment. I will continue with my delete campaign.

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