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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blogging News Bytes

Technorati’s welcome to the Blogosphere, Google! BlogCruiser Says: interesting hoopla...
Vice-Minister Wei Yu now a BLOGGER!
TECH: Google, blogs, IT will save the day, blah blah

Blogs Overhyped, Says Dyson BlogCruiser Says: On one hand she is right. I agree with this some of this quote:"Blogs are just one more way to put things up on the Web … just a set of words, sometimes with links." They are only words and a way to place things on the web. However, with technology and easy ways to follow this information she is throwing away a valuable resource. There are millions of blogs written by people and they are not just a set of words. These people can be and are customers not just bloggers with words and links alone but people utilizing tools to communicate ideas, feelings and changes!

Recent attack-blogs on Gary Wiren unfounded
Beltway vs. Blogosphere
Taming The Blogosphere
New Home Blogs highlight the risks of buying from large developers
NOLA.COM Blogs and Forums Help Save Lives After Katrina
Has the Wall Street Journal signed a blog content deal?
VIDEO blogs gaining in popularity among the faithful
The Myth of Karl Roves Genius
Blogger learns great things in four months BlogCruiser Says: It's great what children teach you!
Iran's Internet censorship growing:-
Podcasting Profits
A blogger's view from the press box
Liberal Comedian Sues Blogger
BLOGGING Baby Time Warp: Our best stories from a year ago
KILLER Buzz Flocks to New Browser
Blogging Brown Bag
Blanco is Toast. Game. Set. Match.
Blogs and Free Content Are Hurting B2B Publishers
Facebook, blogs, games create
Ethics and Blogging

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