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Monday, September 19, 2005

A call to all for blogging some pork...

Here is a project that is good for all those in the blogosphere. Another suggested project over at The Truth Laid Bear and this one is called PorkBusters. This is an excellent idea in my opinion for bloggers to grab hold and take positive action in assisting Katrina victims and make improvements to government spending. There is information at Instapundit.com about this project. There are other links on where and how to find pork. I’m sure there are plenty of other resources and avenues to find this sort of government spending. Bloggers can assist in pointing this out to the world! Left, right and everyone in-between can only gain by assisting in identifying information like this. Why not join in the search and destroy mission to help trim some of fat from US spending. Everyone should know of these type projects in their own state and be asking why?

Added Note: Let me rephrase the search and destroy wording above to something more positive like search and rescue. We can search the budget and rescue lives where it might be needed more such as the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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