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Saturday, September 17, 2005

BlogCruiser Rambling Moments

A tidbit posted at “ways of the attention whore” with an end of the world post pointing us to an interesting article called “PLANET-DISSOLVING DUST CLOUD IS HEADED TOWARD EARTH!” ”, by Mike Foster. Foster names some well known names and physicist Stephen Hawking in the article, that definitely provides weight for the story if the facts check out.

I prefer to go with a family members guess that it will arrive December 21, 2012 because that is the day the Aztec Calendar ends. I’m not poking fun with the date guessing; I like to read all types of material and don’t like to just dismiss it because I don’t want to believe it. However, I always maintain hope!

The Chaos Cloud might be a good theory added together with President George Bush’s and the worlds concerns about Global Warming.

Now this one should be a bit more cheerful for many: “Another New trigonometry is a sign of the times” discussed at Switch-Case.

The Art of the Blog” commentary on “Burger King recalls 'sacrilegious' desserts”.

Feld Thoughts” predicts 2006 to be the year of Microsoft.

EnGadget asks what is the real story with “TiVo - Macrovision red flag seen on cable show”?

Here is the First–open trackbacks at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for the “WeekEnd TrackBack Party”. There is a pointer to Kalsey’s Simpletracks form at MVRWC if you use blogger and other services that don’t have trackback capabilities.

There is just so much blogging going on and so little time to read even a small percentage:(

Here are just a couple of some great on-going lists to view the blog happenings of the day: Daypop, popdex, BlogsNow, Rojo, BlogPulse and IceRocket. There are just so many good places like these to find great posts and blogs!

A list of News Aggregators , RSS / Blog Readers at Ray Chow.

Well as the title stated I'm just rambling tonight but figured that was better then not posting at all!

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At 18 September, 2005, Blogger Chiu Ling said...

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At 18 September, 2005, Blogger TAotB said...

Thanks for the link! I like your work and will come back.


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