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Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Campus Crawl

The Campus Crawl” is an entire website with a blog that encompasses Sean’s projects, ideas and life in general. There are some of his opinions on gadgets like the Nooka Zot Watch and the JiWire Widget for finding Wifi areas. He points out an interesting article at the WSJ about t-shirt sales on blogs and web pages. Then there is the “Word of the day” additions that point out some relevant blogger and web buzz words along with their definitions. Those words like sycophant, blog, myopia, esoteric, zeitgeist and more. There were a few formatting issues going on near the bottom of his pages when I was there with my browser. I give 7.5 stars. Overall, there are some interesting ideas, pointers and posts that can be found in this blog.

7.5 stars

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