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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Futurismic” is a blog exploring science and technology that effects or have potential effects upon the world in the present and the future. It is packed with facts, ideas, opinions and speculations. There are currently three main sections at this site: blog, fiction and essays. The blog section has lots of short statements and links to some fascinating and thought provoking content. One of the recent links listed was a very strong opinion about the “the REAL ID act”. The rhetoric really manages to get the mind pondering in many directions. A few interesting essays and fictions are available in the appropriate sections but these sections are a little sparse in content compared to the blog section; I see this as an opportunity for some interested and gifted writers to submit an essay or fiction. It’s a professional blog owned by Mongrel Press via a startup loan. They are looking for contributors and accept donations for this project. They do not pay bloggers or essayists but they do offer $100.00 for accepted short fiction. A few consistent content contributors are listed in the about section and it is mentioned that they are always looking for enthusiastic and talented writers to join. I give 8.5 stars. The site and blog has been running since 2003. I found it a very enjoyable and intriguing blog to visit.

8.5 stars

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