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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Into the Blogosphere

Into the Blogosphere” a formal and analytical exploration of the blogophere is the intention for this scholarly publication. There is some very interesting writing, thoughts, statistics and other material among the many papers. As I cruised about I found that this was only one section of larger project at the University of Minnesota. UThink was the main and “Into the Blogosphere” was a section of UThink. There’s even more material on hand at the UThink front page to browse and learn about blogs. It is very professional and quite engaging to browse these pages. There is plenty of material that is particular to the students, staff, faculty and college. However, there are a lot of ideas and plenty of information that could be useful to anyone using a blog or other schools interested in this type project. There is a section for ways to use blogs another section for how to use MovableType and even a blog directory. I give the project 9 stars. They have really done an admirable job with these pages at this university.

9 stars

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