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Monday, January 31, 2005


Lulu” is one of several new technology companies offering a service such as this one. The idea behind this technology service is to provide artists, musicians, photographers, writers and other intellectual property owners a way to be their own publishers etc. Some of the ideas are to give more creative control to the intellectual property owner and at no cost except their labor and royalties. This is not a blog or a blog service by any means. However, there seems to be a lot of serious writers, photographers and producers of intellectual material in the blog community that might benefit from an online service such as this one. I give the concept and service 9 stars from the outside look. I can not give any actual stars as a user of the service because I have not tried it out myself. This concept may seem fairly new to some but there are several services like this one getting some serious notoriety right now. These type services have potential to reshape and change many standard practices and norms we have become accustomed to in work force, business world and even at home. PublishAmerica is another service very similar to Lulu and is probably even more well-known. New online technological services like these are being seriously debated about in many venues. What no one can deny at this point is they are publishing books at the rate of other well known traditional publishers and well worth paying attention too.

9 stars

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At 04 February, 2005, Blogger BMan said...

lulu is great. I have a book on there (free for download) and they do a great job. I bought several print copies and it's excellent quality!



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