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Saturday, February 09, 2008

That is Disturbing

Well that is disturbing. Future with Ron Paul 2008 blog is gone?



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Saturday, November 03, 2007

New Blog Different Theme then this

Well I have a new blog but nothing like this one and it is political.
Please head on over and visit and let me know what you think, thanks.

Future with Ron Paul 2008

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

BoB is Back

The Best of Blogs is back for its second annual nominations.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Holding Pattern

Sorry for the lack of posts but blogging has been put on the back burner for a bit while I work out other items outside the virtual world.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Great Posts

Please leave a comment in this post to share any fun, interesting or great blog posts. Thank You…

Here is one from my cruising today: Strange Party posts the “Last Photo Ever Competition”.

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Read the Blogs

Read the blogs today to find out what will be in the news tomorrow. Then after the news tomorrow read some blogs to get an in-depth and widely varied set of view points. Now you are ready to add your own opinions and ideas too. :)

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Blogging News Bytes

AOL users criticize blog ads
Are We Blogging Each Other To Death?
Deconstructing Bloggers
Bloggers' thoughts on Thanksgiving
3 Ideas for Blogging Thanksgiving
Web 2.0 Workgroup reaches 20 Blogs
Number of Chinese bloggers doubles
Chinese bloggers create public space for uncensored conversation
Blog Savagery
Absolut threatens bloggers over use of product in parody of Bush
NEWS- FOIA: Richmond bloggers score award
19 Highly Recommended Blogs
Hey Bloggers, It's OK To Correct The Record
OH No a new word in the world of Blogging: The BlogCast
The new OilChange group blog
Blogger slams media over phosphorous story failure
Bloggers hit crime, war and Murtha
Extremely Pissed Off!!!
RSS not just for blogs
Blogs finally get business savvy
Celebrity bloggers
Blogger at UM kicked out of campus housing
Pajamas Media Logo Contest
On `women bloggers'
Those Bastards announces association with Open Sore Media
Racist blogger spared jail in Malay community service sentence
Revit Rants Blog
Jeeran reaches Arab bloggers
Blogging as 'intellectual hydroplaning'?
Why blogging matters
Eagan High School looks at teen use of technology, helping parents to be more aware
Are Blogs A Meaningful Tool For Startups and Small Businesses?
Top 25 Irish Blogs
The Business of Blogging
Xbox 360: when $525 doesn't go into $399!
Feedster Top 500 - Search Engine Blogs
More Bloggers are Quitting Their Jobs and Blogging Full-Time
Local Political Blogs will Impact 2006 Elections
Welcome Our Newest Co-Bloggers
Reading all about it
Don't you dare call me a journalist
Military blogger: His way of serving
Considering Tags
Blogging gets some workers the boot
Rose Ensemble blogs through France
Web Graffiti 2.0
Companies I’d like to Profile (but don’t exist)

A couple fun and interesting links:
Perception puzzles, Visual Perception, Optical illusions and Paradoxes
The Ultimate Guide to Google Services
Ajax-based domain lookup and Whois for most TLDs
Free Market

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Blogging News Bytes

Candles, Mirrors and Blogging
No Blogs Next Year - The End of Blogs as We Know Them
Reining In the Blogs of War
Answer your email in your blog
Gathering blogs into one place
SINGAPORE: Censors gunning for blogging servicemen
Blogs and breaking embargos
Student blogs spur concern over safety, privacy loss
Experts expound virtues of blogs
Google Base blog import instructions
What Part of Thanksgiving Are You?
Effective way to make a site popular
Social Network Technologies
CEO blog drives traffic to online employee
Who's No. 1 in your business?
Networks Use Blogs For Promotion
Speed Search
GOOGLE Searching For Korean Opportunity
Bloggers inundating Kansas politics
Sony Plays The Blues As Bloggers Turn Up The Volume
Pro-Ad Blog - Saying yes to advertising
Bookspan Enters Blogosphere, Adds RSS Feeds
The Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging
New Specialist Blogs: A Growing Chilean Opportunity
A new blogging venue
Do You Really Understand the Blog Animal And How He Can Help You?
About blogs, tagging and averages

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Color Scheme Tool

Steel Dolphin Creative - with a nice online Color Scheme tool. Something that I might find quite useful.

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Removed Many Add-Ons

I've removed many add-ons and plugins for the sake of load time. Hopefully, the blog is loading faster for most of you.

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The Weblog Awards

The Weblog Awards” will be closing their nominations in less then a week so click on over there if you are interested in adding a blog to this ever growing directory of blogs. I’m going to head over just to see what people are recommending. There are plenty of categories and lots of great blogs.

“The links below will take you to the nomination page for each of the categories. Nominations close November 26, 2005. After finalists are selected (more on that in the FAQ), voting will begin December 1, 2005.”

This year’s nominations close a day before BlogCruiser blog started. BlogCruiser will be a year old the day after on November 27, 2005.

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Blogging News Bytes

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Blogging News Bytes

West Bend High School student charged in blogging incident
Here is our weekly collection of excerpts from the blogs, or online journals, on CentreDaily.com
Congress voted themselves a $3,100 annual raise
Bloggers find new freedoms
Pebble - blogging tools written in Java
Bloggers of world unite
Solos Can Profit From Blogs
10 Most Powerful Women in Blogging
Man on list of top women in blogging
How to Use Blogs to Market and Promote your Website
Forget RSS, We Got Bigger Issues
'Uses of Blogs' has gone off to the publishers
Media deals push blogs into the mainstream
10 Killer Post Ideas
Many share faith as religious blogging booms
Blogging: Business and Blogs
Taste of Freedom
Arrested for Weblog Threats
Bloggers Beware! Bots Are Stealing Content From Your Blog, Stop Them
Bubbles of Rainbow Color
Bloggers respond to Indian call center abuse
News from Chinese Blogosphere
More Bloggers Switch
EFF Releases Guide for Student Bloggers to Helps Kids Speak Out
Topix is now syndicating selected weblogs
Epinions vs. Riffs
Blogging Bubble
Whining Democrats: Put Up Or Shut Up!
Weblogs of note
Performancing - Helping Bloggers Succeed
Corporate Blogging - Beyond the Water Cooler
Why I hold a Christmas Blogging Awards
Beware the blogosphere
Warning Label Generator
Newstex Blogs on Demand : Blogs to News Syndication

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