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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Blogging News Bytes

AOL users criticize blog ads
Are We Blogging Each Other To Death?
Deconstructing Bloggers
Bloggers' thoughts on Thanksgiving
3 Ideas for Blogging Thanksgiving
Web 2.0 Workgroup reaches 20 Blogs
Number of Chinese bloggers doubles
Chinese bloggers create public space for uncensored conversation
Blog Savagery
Absolut threatens bloggers over use of product in parody of Bush
NEWS- FOIA: Richmond bloggers score award
19 Highly Recommended Blogs
Hey Bloggers, It's OK To Correct The Record
OH No a new word in the world of Blogging: The BlogCast
The new OilChange group blog
Blogger slams media over phosphorous story failure
Bloggers hit crime, war and Murtha
Extremely Pissed Off!!!
RSS not just for blogs
Blogs finally get business savvy
Celebrity bloggers
Blogger at UM kicked out of campus housing
Pajamas Media Logo Contest
On `women bloggers'
Those Bastards announces association with Open Sore Media
Racist blogger spared jail in Malay community service sentence
Revit Rants Blog
Jeeran reaches Arab bloggers
Blogging as 'intellectual hydroplaning'?
Why blogging matters
Eagan High School looks at teen use of technology, helping parents to be more aware
Are Blogs A Meaningful Tool For Startups and Small Businesses?
Top 25 Irish Blogs
The Business of Blogging
Xbox 360: when $525 doesn't go into $399!
Feedster Top 500 - Search Engine Blogs
More Bloggers are Quitting Their Jobs and Blogging Full-Time
Local Political Blogs will Impact 2006 Elections
Welcome Our Newest Co-Bloggers
Reading all about it
Don't you dare call me a journalist
Military blogger: His way of serving
Considering Tags
Blogging gets some workers the boot
Rose Ensemble blogs through France
Web Graffiti 2.0
Companies I’d like to Profile (but don’t exist)

A couple fun and interesting links:
Perception puzzles, Visual Perception, Optical illusions and Paradoxes
The Ultimate Guide to Google Services
Ajax-based domain lookup and Whois for most TLDs
Free Market

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