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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Blogging News Bytes

Internet dogfight erupts over blog rights

Blogging is ongoing and doesn't presume to tell the whole story forever unlike journalism

Defining a blog - it's the conversation

Rough night

CSSVista launches

The Sand Blog: Making the Oh Face

Cracking Technorati Top Blogs by by Justin Pfister with some interesting thoughts on thriving blogosphere.

WEblogs.Inc: “We're looking for Xbox 360 and PSP bloggers!

A wonderful citizen journalism experitment - Bluffton Today: Here is short post excerpt from Chatter Garden.
I know the BlufftonToday.com, a community participative news site, from Steve Outing, Senior editor of Poynter Institute. It launched on April this year. It is a grand experitment in grassroots and participative journalism.”

They continues the count down over at the Blog Herald: 100 blogs in 100 days, day 60: Leftlane News

A few past thoughts posted by Darren Rowse “What Bloggers Want from Ad Networks

Bloggers beware! Big brother's watching [BlogCruiser Rants: I say not, it is a time to write what you want and hopefully create and improve things around us. If I need a lawyer to write down my ideas, feelings, ponderings and wanderings then the blogosphere is already dead and there are new places to venture.]

French bloggers held after Paris riots [BlogCruiser Rants: There can be reasons for bloggers to be arrested that doesn’t always make them right or wrong. However, if they get that much attention they are worth evaluating.]

Politician plagiarizes blogger, so what? [BlogCruiser Rants: I certainly can’t go on to much about all my opinions on intellectual copyright issues and plagiarizing, my blog is not BIG enough. However, I could mention that NO one can write any set of words down without some type of plagiarism since most dictionaries are copyrighted. Or that its mine, its mine, now, now children lets all share and not bicker over everything.]

Blogger arrested for murder [BlogCruiser Rants: like I stated earlier there can be reasons for bloggers to be arrested.]

Moonwatcher points out a letter for bloggers to ponder with this post. Visionaries: Bill Gates on Web 2.0

The Salt Institute Joins the Blogosphere

Travel blog taxis for take-off

Blogs for a Cause

Feedburner Launches RSS Advertising Network

Maps that are Consistent with YOUR design

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At 09 November, 2005, Blogger Nick Douglas said...

Dude, that's a specious argument about plagiarism, ignoring the principles of fair use.

At 09 November, 2005, Anonymous BlogCruiser said...

I know the quick blurt was unfair and inciting. However, the concepts of fair use have gone far beyond what they ever should have been. They are used and abused in the USA to a point that is sad. It would take me a very long post to go into my ideas of fair use etc. I did not mean for it to be sensational though. I strongly feel fair use has now become more abuse to the general public then good. All in my opinion though…

At 09 November, 2005, Anonymous BlogCruiser said...

Thanks though nick because I was being a bit to sarcastic about the subject. Sarcasm isn't my normal style and you are right this is a false argument for plagerism itself.

I'm glad you stated this because someone could take the statment to heart and you bring to light a good point.


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