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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Webby's World

Webby's World” is a bit technical and probably some what cryptic at times for those with little background in web lingo and or technical worlds. However, I get the impression Joe is a motivated individual working hard to present and translate some web applications and services to everyone. I also get the feeling he would be willing to answer, if anyone had questions. If you take the time and read the posts they are fairly straight forward. A recent post explains to you how to import your files from Bloglines to Googles new RSS reader, if you are interested in trying it out. He explains how-to in several simple steps. Just forget about those technical buzzwords and follow the directions in the “Bloglines to Google RSS” posting. In another how-to post called “Linklogging, bookmark management... what ever you want to call it.”, he explains how to utilize Furl and del.icio.us. I found the the "blogger code" link at Webby’s and will probably add it to BlogCruiser; it’s one of those fun little blogthings to render on your blog if you want. The blog graphic header projects the character and atmosphere of this blog to me well. I give 8 stars. I’m not sure exactly what audience he would like to speak with but if it is the non-technical there may be room for some more translation and definitions. If it is for the real technical maybe bring it up a notch. There are several months of archives along with quite a few appealing posts and useful tips to read.

8 stars

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At 17 October, 2005, Blogger J Anderson said...

I've ended up remaking my blog - losing the header. This weekend I'll be making a new one.


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