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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Oh, Mainstream and Blogging?

I thought about this to start but what did they buy? “AOL To Acquire Weblogs” a network of blogs? Then there is “VeriSign snags Weblogs.com” Would some of the business wise bloggers out here help me to enlightenment, please?

Why did they buy these online properties? What did they acquire with the blogs on the network at WeblogsInc? Are all these blog writers from Weblog Inc working for AOL now? Why would VeriSign want Weblogs.com? Did they buy the names? Did they acquire the patents or copyrights of the name or marketing ideas? Who gets what here and why?

This seems like a lot of money exchanged. I’m trying to fathom what all the goods are being purchased and sold? I won’t assume that these big companies and corporations know what they are buying but I think and hope they would.

What are the actual physical assets of these two companies?
What are the actual income assets of both these companies that were bought?
What are the real and potential marketing values of these online systems?
What do these virtual entities provide for the companies that are buying them?
Sure the plans have business secrets; I would figure there must be some sound business assumptions that can be made about these acquisitions.

If you have information, more detailed stories, your own assumptions, scoops and ideas please add them for my mental consumption. I know you can’t give me a whole education in business. I would like to come to some grips of how this much money could be paid for services such as this… …I’m a bit confused for the moment while lost in the dollars signs. :)

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