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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Evil Genius Chronicles

Evil Genius Chronicles” states with the subheading that this is “A Journal of geekery, music and joy”. There is lot’s of heart felt, straight shooting commentary. The posts are filled with this bloggers creative style on all types of subjects but more on music, computers and tech. There are years of archives to browse through listed back all the way to 2002. Dave Slusher's bounces out at you with his recent post, "Converge South, Day 1+". This bloggers persona rigorously projects in “Twinkle in My Jaundiced Eye”. His views are not over excited about the AOL acquisition of Weblogs Inc. There is plenty of individualism, satire and commentary in the Twinkle post that you will probably not read or hear screaming out over the older powerhouse news wires. I give 9 stars. The blogosphere has plenty of places where people like to speak their minds and this blogger definately projects his rhetoric in a powerful, clear and precise manner. Plenty of talk about tech stuff, mp3s, podcasts, radio shows, books, video blogs and lots and lots more.

9 stars

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