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Monday, October 10, 2005

CMS and Blogging a good thing...

Content Management Systems (CMS) have brought blogging a long way. Or has blogging brought CMS a long way? I don’t know but I think both of them have brought the public into a fantastic new information age.

Unlike the intimidation of a web page, homepage, HTML, coding or the old buzzword CMS, blogging has become an easy to utilize format that the average person can communicate, design, plan, manage, do business or just have fun with.

It has become easy to create your own well designed and easy to update online content. Now with more intuitive content management systems and Web 2.0 being integrated the things that can and will be done are just exhilarating and amazing.

The end is near, phew, the beginning is here as I see it. A new revolutionary age of knowledge that can be available to everyone. It is not about the tools or technology but the ability to communicate, inform, educate and give the opportunity for a society to mature. Growth can be scary, painful and challenging; I think we have the ability to take these challenges now.

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