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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Blogging News Bytes

Newspapers on paper a thing of the past? Change always seems to take time. How many of us were saying and thinking things such as this more then 20 years ago?
Podosphere PR? Not Yet.
Referral Rewards Via AdSense
Truth Reads Better Than Fiction
Youth blogs are fun but dangerous
Blog Hopping with Gridskipper
New Editors Weblog: please re-subscribe to our RSS
Big Media, Little Blogosphere
Talkin' Blogs--LJ Round Table
Chelmsford soldier's commentary taken off activist's anti-war blog
CNN's Situation Room Blog Update Showcases NewsBusters
YAHOO narrows gap between blogging, journalism
The Blogfather - And the Champion Blogger is...
AU Student Blogs About Ladner
What's Your Monster Name?
Windows Update sending private data to MS
Online Florist Beyond Blossoms Announces New Blog About Flowers
GODBLOGCON Day 1: "Playful Amusement Concerning God Blogging"
Top 100 Blog Indonesia (atau kira-kira seperti itu)
Spinning a Better Web
Google's Blogger service now accessible in China
SFist Tech Roundup: Silence of the Blogs
The truth about cats and blogs
After a long hard week it’s time for the best of the Weblogs, Inc. network
What are designers talking about?
When Screen Readers Meet Feed Readers
The evil blogger and other stories
Infamous Al-Qaeda Bloggers Nationalities Revealed
Iraqi bloggers sound off on the constitution
Web expert says blogs are the future of PR
Problems With Blogs: Oklahoma’s Incident
Lip service not enough for first female U.S. president
NYC Blogs
White House fights anti-Miers bloggers
Blogging in Schools
Yahoo Adds Blogs to Its News Section
Churches try new forum for outreach: video blogs
Where Internet Marketing and Blogging Collide

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