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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blogging News Bytes

What is happening around the blogospere in blogging features, news and stories? Marc Ninthly rambles and rants a bit about bloggers and traditional media in “"Blogging rulez revealed"over at the Inquirer.

Over at C-NET opinions and discussion goes on about the current debates of the Free Flow of Information Act “"Bloggers feeling dissed by federal shield law". I’m not to concerned at this point, I figure I live in America and I’m going to write what I want no matter what they decide in the caves or on the hill. There are a few interesting quotes attached, from different people, to this story like Earl Benser writing, "Blogging is no more than diarrhea of the keyboard, and deserves no protection from anything.”.

An article at AlterNet the "Blogs of War" By Daniel Schulman contemplates and debates some of the impacts that have been and can be created by War Blogging. This topic will probably always be a touchy blogging topic, in my opinion. It’s great to read perspectives from those that are nearest the truth.

The Christian Post has an article posted, “"GodBlogCon2005: First Religious Blogging Convention" which informs of the event and some details of the rising use of blogs in the religious sector.

So you want to blog and make money from it. Scott Allen has spent some time, energy and done some research in “Make Money Online (Without Spending a Dime)" at About.com. There are several different approaches and strategies suggested for developing income from your blogging.

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