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Friday, October 07, 2005

Blogging News Bytes

Young blog their way to a publishing revolution
Entering the blogosphere
Secret blogger wants readers to free him from mortal toil
Google Reader will launch soon
Following On-Line Conversations Is Hard Work!
Free Speech Backs Blunt Bloggers
CBC union seeks removal of 'negative' blogs
Singapore jails bloggers for racist speech
Mary Mapes Hits Bloggers and MSM in Upcoming Book
Hollywood Asks Bloggers To Tout 'Serenity'
Friday Femmes Fatales No 26 (Women bloggers)
Online journals in legal limbo
Student blogs, saves cash for hurricane relief efforts
Hitwise Blogs Search Stats
Light-hearted blogging today
Google effect sees Blogger.com soar
Jason Calacanis: The $35 million blogger
Giffen Blog: World Cup Predictions
Blog Acquisitions Signal Tipping Point for User-Generated Content
News.com Gets Top 100 Blog List
Technorati founder sees blog explosion

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