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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Blogging News Bytes

Court Rules in Favor of Anonymous Blogger (BlogCruiser Note: The war will be waged again, I’m sure. However, I look at this as a battle won.)

Weblogs.com sold to Verisign? (BlogCruiser Note: Big dollars whew, I can’t blame someone for taking a deal like that! It looks like a major change hitting the blogosphere that will not all be good or bad. Money, power and all that jazz just tend to have a lot of influence on any atmosphere and how things get spun.

On another sidebar note via this topic: I wish I had a set of blogs that someone was willing to pay 25 million dollars for, along with the nerve or some might call stupidity, to say the blogs not for sale, SORRY. I would enjoy doing that! Later after the pleasurable moment I could head back to the poor house and bang my head against the wall. :)

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Back to other blogging news for now:

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